We’re sorry to say it is with great regret that the Snappli service will be closing down on 24/10/2014

You will need to remove the Snappli service in order to continue receiving internet from your provider, here’s what to do:


Open the iPhone settings | General | Profiles and open the Configuration Profile called “Snappli” and press the red “Remove” button. This will remove the APN profile once the subsequent steps are followed.


Then, you can delete the app by pressing the Snappli app icon and holding down until the small x appears in the left corner. Press the X.


You’ve now successfully uninstalled Snappli.

If you App and Profile are removed and you continue to receive Snappli warnings you will need to reset your network settings.

You can do this as follows:

Open the iPhone settings | Rest | Reset Network Settings. This will ensure your settings are return to their factory settings.