This commonly happens when the APN profile is not properly installed.

There is an easy way to check whether the APN profile is successfully installed.

On your iPhone, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles. You should see a Profile called "Snappli APN Profile". These are our settings that point your mobile to our service. If you do not see this profile, that means the Snappli app isn't enabled.

If you have no profile listed then we can easily rectify that too. 
Simply follow the following steps:
Open the Snappli App.
Go to the information section.
Select the carrier menu item.
Then select the correct profile from the list.
Once you select the profile to use you will be prompted to "Install Profile".
The profile should be called "Snappli APN Profile".
Hit the install button and put your security code in.
The text should change to "Profile Installed". 
You can now click done and you should be able to harness the awesome savings power of Snappli.
Do a little browsing and return to the App.
You should then be able to view your savings.

If you're still not seeing any savings, please contact us and we can help.